Examples of Test Methods

Sample Preparation

For sample preparation, we have equipment for:

Punching of rubber and plastic materials
Water cutting of plastic material
Splitting of rubber materials

Compression moulding of granules into test sheets

Test Methods for Rubber

ISO 34-1 A, B and C Tear strength
ISO 36 Adhesion to textile fabrics*
ISO 37 Tensile stress-strainp roperties
ISO 48-2N and M Hardness, IRHD
ISO 48-4A, D and AM Hardness, Shore
ISO 188 A Heat ageing
ISO 815-1 A and B Compression set at ambient or elevated temperatures
ISO 815-2 A and B Compression set at low temperatures, LTCS
ISO 1407 Solvent extract*
ISO 1408 Carbon black content*
ISO 1431 Resistanceto ozone cracking*
ISO 1432 Low temperature sti:ffening, Gehman test
ISO 1817 E:ffect ofliquids
ISO 1827 Shear modulus*
ISO 1853 Measurement of resistivity*
ISO 2285 A and B Tension set at constant elongation*
ISO 2781 Density
ISO 2921 Low temperature retraction, TR-test
ISO 3384-1 A and B Stress relaxation in compression
ISO 3384-2 Stress relaxation in compression, testing with temperature cycling
ISO 4649 Abrasion resistance*
ISO 4650 Identification of rubber*
ISO 4662 Determination of rebound resilience*
ISO 4665 Resistance to weathering*
ISO 6914 A Stress relaxation in tension
ISO 7743 Compression stress-strain properties*
ISO 8013 Creep in compression or shear*
ISO 9924 Analysis of plasticizer, polymer, carbon black and ash residue*
ISO 11346 Estimation of life-time

* Not included in accreditation.

Test Methods for Plastic

ISO 175 E:ffects of immersion in liquid chemicals*
ISO 178 Flexural properties*
ISO 179 Charpy impact*
ISO 180 IZOD impact*
ISO 527 Tensile properties*
ISO 868 A and D Indentation hardness by means of adurometer (Shore hardness)*
ISO 899 Creep behavior -tensile creep*
ISO 1133 Melt Flow Index*
ISO 1183-1A Density of non-cellular plastics*
ISO 4892-2 Exposure to laboratory light sources - Xenon-arc lamps*
ISO 4892-3 Exposure to laboratory light sources - Flourescent UV lamps*
ISO 11357-2 Determination of glass transition temperature*
ISO 11357-6 Determination of OIT*
ISO 13468-1 Determination of transmittance*
ISO 14782 Determination ofhaze*

* Not included in accreditation.

Other Test Methods

ISO 6452 Fogging characteristics of trim materials in the interior of automobiles*
ISO 22007-2 Determination of thermal conductivity and diffusivity*
Various standards Gloss measurement*
ASTM D2244 Calculation of ColorTolerances and Color Differences from Instrumentally Measured Color Coordinates*
ASTM D3895 Determination of OIT, Oxidative-induction time*
ASTM D7984 Determination of thermal e:ffusivity*

* Not included in accreditation.